Make your garden a haven for your little ones

Why not create a unique and bespoke childrens play area in your garden?

Whatever the size of garden you have, creating an area for your children gives them the opportuntity to enjoy the garden as much as you do.  Be that a 'fort', a tree house, a climbing frame, full adventure play area or just a small sandpit, swing and slide, we design play areas that sypmathetically blend with your garden.

All our childrens play areas are robust, will stand up to vigorous playing on, and meet the required health and safety regulations. 

Create a temporary structure for an event or party!

Having a party for your children, why not create a temporary structure for the event.  We have recently constructed an army assault course for one luckly 7 year old and his friends!

How about your very own Dodge City? - complete with Saloon and prison?  Thats what we created for a lucky 5 year old to go with his cowboys and indians party, and the parents loved it too, and kept it up for their own Wild West Party the day later!